Link Retargeting

What is Link Retargeting?

A retargeting pixel is a small piece of code that you place on your website, which allows you to track visitors and continue marketing to them in other places. Sites like Facebook and Adwords give you a list of the people you’d like to retarget since they visited your site. If your business is using retargeting to find people who have visited your online store, or if you have collected customer contact information through a CRM, you can create a list to reach these people with ads. This list is always securely hashed on your browser and never shared with other businesses unless you grant them access. Adding link retargeting will help you to track and boost ROI for businesses. Instead of building your audience with the self-serve ad tool, you have the option to let the retargeting pixel do it for you. It makes the whole process faster and easier. But even better, it adds to the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns too. These audiences aren’t defined by demographics or interests. They’re created from people who have engaged with the page that your pixel is on.

Published on: 1/1/24, 2:56 AM