Alternative to Linktree

Because there are many different sites out there, your question should not necessarily be which one is the best at doing one thing well. You should be asking which site could give you the most bang for your buck. Sites like Bitly and Linktree are capable sites for the specific features they offer.

However, there is a site that offers you the best of both of those sites for the price of one! addurl.biz is able to offer you the best of both worlds when it comes to link sharing. You are able to not only create customizable links that are able to be traced for marketing purposes, but you are also able to use the OneLink feature that allows you to create one easy link to connect all of your content together in one location.

At addurl.biz, you are able to create shortened links and shareable OneLink all with the same subscription. So, if you are out there seeking options for creating shortened links and other features for you to be able to effectively communicate with your audience, look no further than addurl.biz for all of your link shortening and sharing needs! Please check out all that there is to offer by creating an account for a free trial and give addurl.biz a try. Check out this example OneLink.

Published on: 1/1/24, 2:56 AM